MCC Journey:
Towards the other dimension


The Rationale and The Overall Purpose

Many coaches have the feeling that they are ready to obtain their ICF credentialing at MCC level because their client experience overpasses 2,500 hours. Yet only a small portion of them will pass the ICF certification exams. Why? It is not the number of hours that makes a coach reach the MCC level. Of course, experience counts as well as maturity in the profession. 

To become a full-fledged Master Coach is a question of attitude, a way to BE and not only a way to DO. 

To help PCC coaches reach this masterful level, Sylviane Cannio, MCC since 2009, has put forward a program called ‘MCC Journey: Towards the Other Dimension’. She invited five other MCC coaches that she knows for their ability to address several themes such as deep presence, ontological coaching, ability to be with a business acumen, wisdom, etc. All Master coaches are at the cutting edge of the profession; all operate around the world with their own well-appreciated coaching style, and all are well-recognized in their respective region. Sylviane’s goal was to make this program truly global in order to confer coaches with several methods and approaches. 

Learning Outcomes

Underpinning principles and structure of the programme:

  • You will learn how to contract at a high level and rely on clear ontological indicators.
  • You will discover the power of adequate intervention and tame a true silence.
  • You will exercise your ability to create awareness and encourage the client to perform courageous actions. 
  • You will discover the power of caring for the person to generate deep change.
  • You will learn to dive deep into client’s personality and give space to the person and know how to create client’s safety. 
  • You will discover how to use your own body and emotions to grasp client’s energy level. 
  • You will learn to accept client’s emotions with ease and without unnecessary impact on you.
  • You will adopt this new way to BE as an art de vivre. 
  • You will gain confidence in your coaching thanks to feedback on your own practice and observation of your peer’s practice. 
  • You will appreciate the quality of relationship that will be created among the group. 
  • Last but not least, you will learn how to succeed in the ICF’s MCC credentialing system. 

For whom?

This program is made for three types of coaches:

  1. All the coaches who want to discover that ‘masterful coaching’ really means and move to a deeper way of coaching
  2. The experienced coaches who will be ready to apply for their MCC credentialing with the ICF
  3. The MCC credential holders who want to refresh their way of doing

The Program

The program “MCC Journey: Toward the other Dimension” encompasses five main components for a total of 44 ICF CCEUs:

It encompasses webinars, observed practice and supervision. 

It is mainly experiential, providing space for the ‘being’ on top of the ‘doing’, for listening deeply without intervention of the Ego, for kindness, compassion yet driving into action. 

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The Program

1 – The four virtual masterclasses – each class of four hours is translated into Russian by an excellent professional translator. Sylviane Cannio (Belgium) is operating with four MCC guests, each of them will be developing an area that constitutes a strong point in their coaching practice. And each will perform a demo so that you can discover different ways to coach.

a – Aref Al Mubarak (KSA) on the complementarity of being a person, a parent, yet to have the business acumen to be a strong life and/or executive coach.

b – Andre Ribeiro (Portugal/UK) on true ontological coaching and methods to increase our creativity and innovativeness.

c – Rekha Hatkanagalekar (India) on the quality of silence, true presence, compassionate feedback to create deep awareness leading to change and action.

d – Craig Stanton (USA) on how seeing and cultivating basic acceptance of our “self-imperfections” can also be a profound source of self-awareness for our clients. 


Each class will be a conversation between the MCCs. Sylviane’s contribution will be on the way to coach with the BE-mode based on true love for the client (agape) and for self, unconditionally. 


2 -The tutorial with Fran Fisher: “Embracing the Spiritual Journey to Mastery as MCC” – a wonderful discovery of the ‘BE-mode’ by one of the pioneers of coaching.


3 – The Group Supervision, namely three sessions of three hours with Sylviane Cannio – in order to get into the client practice and implement the three supervisor’s functions: developmental, qualitative/ethics, and supportive. You will discover how supervision is part of the process and you will see how it contributes to a better well-being and to the confirmation of the quality of your interventions with your clients.


4 – The ‘drills’, or mentoring sessions, namely fish-bowls sessions of ‘observed practice’ so that you receive direct feedback on your coaching: ICF core competencies at MCC level, proposal of other strategies and approaches, analysis of possible parallel transfer and other elements of the ‘inner theatre’. The objective is to bring you in a position to coach totally ego-free, with detachment yet total presence and care for your client, to coach the person and not only the issue, and many other elements that will help you feeling ready for MCC credentialing.


5 – A personal tutoring with Sylviane Cannio. 

New program to be announced soon.