Become an 

Accredited Coach Supervisor


The ‘Global Supervision Training’ programme is made for you. 

Our program is compliant to both ICF (CCEUs) and EMCC (ESQA) standards

The Global Supervision Training is an 150 hours on-line program over seven months. It encompasses theory, demonstrations, practice, self-reflection. It is a whole transformational process that will support you to:

  • Become a professional coach supervisor
  • Be ready, after extra practice, to apply for accreditation with the EMCC 
  • Discover several methods and schools of thought on coach supervision
  • Learn how to align to strong values and the four ontological levels
  • Preserve your energy and comfort in your coach practice
  • Be the supervisor that will help you develop your being, your soul

An on-line process: immediate practice to integrate the competencies

Open to the world, the programme consists of: webinars, demonstrations, peer practice, observed practice,… You will have your own tutor to make sure that you feel at ease with the process and the content. You will be invited to pursue your practice as supervisor with your first own client and to have your own supervisor (outside of the programme). And you will be invited to self-reflect and journal your supervision experiences. All this will count towards your certification with us (and for your accreditation with the EMCC). 

The programme

Underpinning principles and structure of the programme:

  • Ten webinars of 3-4 hours 
  • Always favoring practice, then self-reflection and group reflection leading to theory (KOLB) 
  • Interaction and dialogue with professionals
  • Demonstrations for each tool + debriefing and consolidation + immediate practice
  • Observed practice during ‘drill’ sessions 


Overview of the ten Modules:

Module 1: Setting the Foundation

  • What is supervision? History & latest trends
  • The EMCC Supervision Competency Model & difference from the Coaching competencies

Module 2: Setting the Context

  • The Learning Alliance and the stance of the supervisor
  • Supervising in different contexts

Module 3: Creating a Safe Environment

  • Main Transactional Analysis tools for supervising and mentoring
  • Gestalt Techniques: presence in the moment

Module 4 : The Supervision Process - Discovery of the first schools of thought

  • Several schools & developing own style

Module 5 : The Supervision Process - Discovery of other schools of thought

  • The Systems Approach 
  • Supervision and neuroleadership

Module 6: Main Coach Supervision Themes & Challenges - 1

  • The typical challenges of the Supervisor 

Module 7: Main Coach Supervision Themes & Challenges - 2

  • The Internal Supervisor: main challenges
  • Ethical Issues

Module 8: Art and Practice of Supervision

  • The Supervisor’s Alignment Process
  • The Four Ontological Levels at the Service of the Coach
  • Supervising for the higher purpose

Module 9: Supervisor Awareness of Psychodynamics

  • Awareness of psychodynamics of Self and Other
  • Awareness of Self and psychodynamics of Team/Organization

Module 10 : Group & Team Supervision

  • Facilitating Group Supervision
  • Tools for self-preservation and self-reflection in a group
  • Facilitating Team coaches in dyads

Why us?

The supervisor training course by the Academy of Coaching Supervision & Mentoring is based on best practices in professional supervision.

Once the course is completed and validation (certification) is successful, you are ready for the next and final stage of acquiring the internationally recognized supervisor status which consists of EMCC accreditation (the only internationally recognised organization uniting coaches, mentors and supervisors that has clear and developed competencies for accrediting supervisors).


In the course of the training programme (10 online modules), you will work directly with the programme creators, Sylviane Cannio, Cheryl Cooper, Ludmila Kostandova and Tatiana Kosayeva. Fran Fisher has created a special programme for mentoring with the new ICF competencies. All are experienced professional coaches. Fran and Sylviane are pioneers of coaching in their respective countries (USA and Belgium) and have developed a global practice; they also were the creators of internationally known coaching schools. Cheryl, from the UK, has a strong background as executive coach, supervisor, trainer and assessor with  over 25 years of coaching experience; she is currently supervising internal coaches in the European Union Institutions. Ludmilla has a strong knowledge of the Russian, French and Swiss cultures and Tatiana has a PhD in Sociology and is specialised in the neurosciences of emotions. Together, they form a strong team of expert trainers at your disposal. 

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to shape your individual style of work as coach supervisor.

In terms of the methodology, the programme is based on the systemic ontological approach including the psychodynamic perspective (in-depth outworking of transferential relations, parallel processes in dyads of a supervisor and supervisee as well as in groups), and both individual and group reflective practices between the modules.

Last but not least, as soon as you obtain your certification with us, you may appear on the list of the global supervisors on the ACSM website. Good news for you!


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